Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Letter to a Homophobe

The following is an email sent to Linda Harvey, president and founder of Mission:America, a self-described 'Christian' orgnanization actively espousing anti-gay views on current events.


Dear Ms. Harvey,

I am confident that when you look around today, you see a landscape that is changing radically before your very eyes, particularly with the progress in recent years on the issue of gay marriage. No doubt you and your audience find this state of affairs alarming. Moreover, such has been the shift in societal attitude towards gay rights that I feel this letter is almost superfluous, as it seems the battle is being won, and that the momentum on this front will continue irrespective of my efforts to spur it along, or of your's to slow it down.

Nevertheless, as alluded to above, you do have an audience, and among those who follow you are many who go forth armed with your talking points, ready to spread your message of intolerance. And while my own views (and those of almost everyone I know) are too entrenched to be changed by your rhetoric, there are others who are either too naive to know better, or perhaps do know better but choose to allow your anti-gay crusade to become a release valve for their own frustrations or insecurities.

Therefore, because your activism, with its narrow focus on demonizing gay people, constitutes a form of public bullying in an age where anti-gay bullying persists in our schools and neighborhoods, I feel compelled to write to you to let you know that I consider your 'ministry' unacceptable.

My central complaint  is that your message is first and foremost one of fear, and that you prop it up by the use of deflection when you try to insinuate that a repressed group within our society is somehow in a position of power to topple the privileged class of straight white Christians, when all they're trying to do is assert the same rights, protections and respect that the rest of us enjoy.

In your recent blog post, If You Support "Gay Marriage," You Also Support..., you make a number of rhetorical leaps that are barely worth dignifying by repeating here. One point, however, is deserving of comment, namely that supporting gay marriage means supporting "younger and greater numbers of youth claiming a 'gay' identity, and then acting on that identity."

If by that you mean that our gay sons and daughters are feeling empowered enough to be open about who they really are, then yes, that is something I wholeheartedly support. If, on the other hand, you mean that identifying as "gay" has become akin to a trendy fashion statement, or even simply the cool thing to do, then let's hear a thunderous Hallelujah! for such a nice "problem".

When it comes down to it, you and your followers are doing yourselves a grave disservice by spurning your gay brothers and sisters. To paraphrase Hank Williams Sr., "the same God that made you made them too," and I'm willing to bet He is immensely proud of His perfect handiwork.

When I look at the intolerant God you evoke, I do not recognize the beautiful God I have come to know, and for that you are in my prayers.

James Deagle