Thursday, May 11, 2017

Surrealist Maxims

Have proof by not telling secrets.

When somebody is too silly, create adversity.

Resistance is found when somebody finally sees the light.

Be unperturbed during a crisis.

Children have deep feelings about greediness.

You'll find some understanding by challenging deceptions.

Enjoy disruptive activities even if you run the risk of being seen.

Run like hell in your living space.

Dare yourself to be a vengeful person.

Be realistic about having to save someone.

Find hidden value in your spare time.

Spill the beans with an inept pal.

Manly men admire relative strangers.

Be there for a furious fanatic.

A recurring dream is awakened from slumber.

Youthful people find ways to get into the mood.

Recluses last longer.